Organic Gingerbread Hard Bar - 12 Bar Box - PAST BB DATE


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Organic | Ethical | Vegan Friendly

We pay homage to Morgan’s guilty pleasure, the Swedish Christmas classic, Peppakkakor. For those not brought up with Scandinavian legends like this, try it. The cloves come from Indonesia. At first we were told we’d have to order enough for ten billion bars, which seemed a little cocky for our first order. It needed a lot of perseverance in the paperwork department, but we’re very glad we pushed on.

Ingredients (Allergens in bold):   
Dates (53%), Oats (36%), Agave Syrup (8%), Sunflower Oil (2%), Ground Ginger (0.8%), Cinnamon Powder (0.5%), Clove Powder (0.1%).

Nutrition (per 50g bar): 
Energy (kJ) - 717, Energy (kcal) - 170, Fat (g) - 3, of which saturates (g) - 0, Carbohydrate (g) - 32, of which sugar (g) - 21, Fibre (g) - 4, Protein (g) - 3, Salt (g) - 0.00.


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