£ 1.00 GBP

Shipping across the UK & Europe

There is a pre-order option available to buy on the website for the enormous sum of £1.

If you make a £1 pre-order (or buy the current very cheap out of date stock) you will be first in the queue for our fresh production run, and very likely get a chunky discount on your orders for a while thereafter.

It is not yet guaranteed to happen. The timing, and exact flavours we start with, is also not certain at this stage. (If we are not able to re-launch, or, for whatever reason, ship to you when we do this £1 will be donated to charity).

For our friends in the US – Please NB that due to shipping costs, it is much more economical for you to order a lot of bars – perhaps consider a joint order with friends, or ordering for a 6 – 12 month period. Orders under $800 are duty free.


We'll only send you the real good stuff once in a blue moon