Our Environmental Efforts

Every hard bar you buy plants a tree

Every Hard Bar you buy, plants a tree.

Here at Hard Bar, we aim to be more than carbon neutral. We want to be carbon negative.

We'll say it again.

Every Hard Bar you buy, plants a tree.


A tree absorbs about 1 ton of carbon dioxide over 40 years. That’s over 20,000 times more than emitted in producing one Hard Bar. It’s 100 more times even in the first years, when the trees are younger, smaller and absorb less CO2.

These trees are planted to form forest gardens. This restores deforested areas. It stops further deforestation. It reduces hunger and lessens poverty in the surrounding communities. It increases biodiversity in place of mono crop farming and improves soil health (another carbon-dioxide sink).

Currently, we do this through our partner non-profit, Trees for the Future. Visit www.trees.org, if you want to dig into the details. They are a 1% for the Planet certified partner. Their work is focused in central Africa, as that is where they are able to have the largest impact. 

Because we plant a tree for every bar you buy, our business is growing to be a whole lot more than carbon neutral. We’re becoming carbon negative. 


We are proud to be a 1% for the Planet partner. Our commitment to plant a tree per bar sold goes way beyond 1%. It’s more like ten times that. And we are happy with that. Because if we have to choose between more profits or the planet, we pick the planet every time.

We hope this makes it easy for you to use your purchasing power for positive change.